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Terms & Condition

Auckland Astro runs under a set of pre-defined policies. We think that we should understand each other’s limits, so there is no chance of misunderstanding. Our all major policies are mentioned below if there is still any ambiguity you are welcomed to contact our agent and confirm it. You need to agree all our policies to be able to have tenancy at Auckland Astro. Our agreement is subject to the residential tenancies act 1986. Auckland Astro reserves the right to amend any policy without any prior notice.

  • Every tenant needs to be over 18 years of age. Tenant below this age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Tenant is bound to abide by our check in and checkout timings that are from 12:00 hrs until 10:00hrs respectively.
  • Stay can be extended depending upon availability with additional charges of extended period.
  • The tenant will have to agree that email is an acceptable form of communication. It is The Tenant’s responsibility to advice the Agent for any changes of contact number or email for service.
  • On cancellation of booking payment made is non-refundable. If tenant wants to change the date of booking, new booking will be made with the cancellation of previous one.
  • Property must be kept in a reasonably clean and tidy condition at all times and free from any accumulation of rubbish.
  • The Tenant is responsible for the cost of all damages to the premises and the chattels caused by or arising from the willful or negligent act or omission of the tenant. This also applies to Tenant who given access to any other person to enter or remain in the premises.
  • The Tenant shall not make any renovation, alteration, or addition to the premises without the Agent’s written consent, including bedroom, door locks etc.
  • The Tenants is not allowed to use the property for consumption, manufacture or storage of illegal drugs. Failure to comply will result in a report to the New Zealand Police. And the whole bond will be forfeited for the purpose of professional commercial cleaning and damaging hotel’s reputation.
  • Fire alarms in the common area are connected to New Zealand Fire Service. Any smoke comes out of the apartment will activate the building fire alarms.
  • No smoking with in the room or building at all times, if you wish to smoke please do so outside the premises. If we found someone smoking in the room or within the premises, then there is a fine of $250.
  • Failure to pay rent will lead to eviction.
  • The Tenant agrees that: No pets allowed; no smoking inside the property; no alcohol in the building common areas; No loud noise/music allowed after 11pm as it breaches the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and council bylaws. Any call outs after 11pm due to noise complaints will incur a $65 call out fee and the appropriate warning will be issued.
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